June Harrison

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I had a recent conversatio with Niki Hannevig, lovely lady from Pennsylvania on the issue of the Right to Choose. Below are some of my comments. I thought it worthy of publishing to let everyone know my perspective on these issues.

Niki had written:

I believe people have the right to "choose" and live with the
consequences of their choice. By definition, even choosing to do
nothing, or to not worship, is an exertion of "free will", aka; "choice".

My response to Niki is as follows:

The argument over pro-life or pro-choice is not a matter of dogma, it is a matter of our freedom to discuss the issues. Eventually, we humans will figure out what is right. I don’t want to abort a baby anymore than you do; but it is the woman’s right to choose as it is her right to decide birth control. I do not think that society should have control over half of their population’s life’s decisions through forcing that population to be pregnant or not or forcing that population to have a certain kind of birth control over another kind. My fear is that it becomes the means to once again disenfranchise women and make them less than equal partners, again.

You know the opposite side of this issue is that if society can tell a woman that she does not have a right to her own body, the next thing will be, they will be telling her when, how and where she has to be pregnant and the state owns the child. The state can tell her she can’t be pregnant. And when the state can do all of that, they will be in our homes and in our bedrooms and in our doctor’s offices looking for records. This is a way for men to regain domination over women. That is intolerable to me. This whole issue is a slippery slope. And it is squarely a 4th amendment right issue, the right to privacy. Women's right to privacy.

That Constitution and all other legal documents must be changed to say men and women where now it says only men. Michael Badnarik said that the term men really did include women.

These men are literalists. Everything written is to be taken literally where it concerns the law. The words in the law mean what the law says. If it is not stated in the law, it is excluded from the law; the issue does not fall within the fence of the law. Hence, the term “women” is left out of the documents and we are excluded. They’re just being nice to us at the moment. They can take it away at anytime because we do not fall within the fence of the law.

Michael Badnarik gave me the wink wink and said we really are included. And If I believe that one, there’s some swamp land in Florida he can sell me.

It amazes me that people who are so intent on preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can’t see how this is another way for the government to interfere in our lives, specifically women. Put us back in our place alright.

This whole issue of the right to life started because of men. They decided that the way to get us to fall into line was to create an issue over whether or not the fetus is alive at conception. Can't you see that they won't stop until they get you to believe that your eggs are really human beings waiting to happen. This while they spill their seed in whatever vessel, human, animal or material. Why is their sperm not so sacred as our eggs? They say, it is because they revere us and they want to protect us. What a line of bull. Such men only seek to regain control over women. How is it that the right of the unborm is more important than the life and right of the woman? This whole line of thinking demonstrates a definite line of thinking that does not honor women. They say that they honor us. If they did, they wouldn't be doing this to us.

There is a definite double standard here and it is all designed to put women back into subservience. Our daughters and grand daughters will not thank us for their subsequent enslavement.

When we can settle the issue of a woman’s right to own her own body and thus her own life and to be included in the governmental process as an equal partner once and for all, forever and ever, then the rest of this goes away, then I will consider the esoteric question as to when the fetus becomes ensouled and a life unto itself to be protected. Until then I will stay on the side of the right to choose. I want a Constitutional government and I want it to include women. No more of this generic “men” and it really does include you, honey and then we’re enslaved to them and objects for their whims. How many lifetimes does it take before you women get the picture?

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The previous blog is taken directly from Fred Smart, the Illinois Director for We The People. It is essential that we all know what is going on and disseminate this information to as many people as possible. Transparency in all that we do, to observe, record and confront government tryanny when and where it occurs is our most important and most powerful weapon against them.


I just got off the phone with Chuck Uptergrove. This story needs to be documented, recorded, archived, transcripted, disseminated, distributed, shared, talked about and shouted from the highest mountaintops of this world.

>>Charles Wayne, Uptergrove
c/o 26663 Road 23
Chowchilla, California [93610]
Phone: 559 665-2020 Cell 559 479-0897>>

Al Thompson - http://www.thompsonnews.blogspot.com/ - has done a wonderful service in initiating this documentation - go to this link and read the story below.

We The People of America have had terrorists operating in our midst under the color of lawful authority for decades. As Al comments:

"This happens all over the country because the people have not paid any attention to what is really wrong with the government and especially the IRS. This is a complete
fraud against the men and women of this country. After seeing these cards, I now realize that the problem has nothing to do with jurisdiction, courts, definitions, 861, and all the things a lot of us have studied. The bottom line is that there is no internal revenue law and
that the IRS is committing a massive fraud against the American people. There just no other way to say this. The local public officials cover all of this up and there appears to be no remedy because the IRS is nothing but a bunch of thugs reminiscent of the brown shirts in Nazi Germany."

I will be doing what I can to blog this story with Chuck, Al and others. We need to do whatever we can to get this story disseminated on radio and internet outlets throughout the world. I'd be happy to help Chuck and Al coordinate this. Please call 888-606-9379 if you'd like to volunteer to help in this process.

Every individual among We The People needs to rally around every one of these cases.

I don't have time to document parts of my phone call with Chuck this morning, but something very interesting stood out when he commented about how fast these "criminal thugs" left his property once family and friends arrived to record and document the proceedings with audio micrphones, phones and and video cameras.

Unlawful-criminal activity cannot survive the power of freedom, liberty and truth which manifests in an environment of transparency and openness. Like the waters of righteousness flowing in a mighty river, the energy, light, truth and love of the Lord God our Almighty Creator thrives, shines and spreads in an environment of openness, freedom and transparency.

So get in the river!!

Please help get the word out about the crimes that have been committed against We The People in the name of Chuck Uptergrove.

And, thanks be to our Almighty God, let's be sure to celebrate the free-flowing waters of Divine Truth and Justice in our world.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

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IRS raids Chuck Uptergrove

[PP note] The IRS is getting really nasty! They know
that criminal trials cost too much so they prefer going
straight for the assets. This will probably be a normal
action in the upcoming years. It is best to prepare
yourself before you engage in battle with the morons.
When you have no assets, they can't take blood from a

Everyone (from Al Thompson):

Please take the time to read my article below, posted at

And forward this message to all of the mailing lists you
can find, and
have them pass it along.

We must end the fraud of the IRS now.

Al Thompson


Sunday, April 04, 2004
Posted 10:31 AM by Al Thompson Comment (0)

Uptergrove Raid: April Fools Day

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent
hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat
out their substance." Declaration of Independence, 1776

On April 1st, 2004 at approximately 8:03 AM I was on the
phone with Chuck Uptergrove of Ikon Roofing Company (in
California) visiting with him when he told me a bunch of
IRS, CID, US Marshals, and one Sheriff's deputy were
coming on to his property. Included in the raid
was a "revenue officer" Marilyn Collins I.D. # 77-00362
who appears to have instigated this raid on this peaceful
man who has taken a courageous stand against the IRS.

There were six to eight tow trucks lined up and they
confiscated his trucks that he uses for his job. Mind
you, Chuck lives about 12 miles out of any town, and now
he is unable to feed his family as all of his work
equipment is gone. His business and home are on the
property and his home was also ransacked. His front door
was smashed although all of the other doors to the house
were unlocked and open.

There were two men with M-16s guarding the crime scene.
Of course, the IRS was committing the crimes. M-16s are
instruments of war that are not supposed to be used
against peaceful men and women in this country. But it is
the IRS who is making war on the people.

As I was on the phone with him, I heard Chuck strenuously
object to the raid. I heard the "revenue officer" say,
"Do you have $178,000 that you can give me today?" This
alleged debt had been challenged and was being litigated
in a "court of record" in the United States District
Court of which Ms. Collins refused to show up when
summonsed into the court to document and verify the
alleged debt.

The judge, Oliver Wanger refused to honor Chuck's court
of record, which is a proceeding according to the course
of the common law. We believe that this raid is "pay
back" for challenging this alleged debt and that this is
an effort to break the back of Chuck's business
and it is an effort to starve him into compliance. This
is the tactic used by the IRS and their lap dog "courts"
to enforce internal revenue laws that have been repealed
since 1939.

But this gets worse. Upon receiving the business cards
of alleged "internal revenue agents" I have posted here,
we found that none of the seals on the cards matched the
ones authorized by
the government of the United States.authorized seals and
the offices that they attach to. (Please note that this
may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient.
4 minutes on dialup.) To see the "court" papers, you'll
need to download a program from eFax.

Once you do that, you can retrieve the court papers along
with the copies of the business cards of the alleged
"government" officials here. If you look back a few
pages you'll see that the
seals on the business cards do not match those authorized
by the government of the United States. Seals are
important in that they properly identify the agency or
government that they work for and in this case none of
the three cards we retrieved had the proper seals. Why
is that? It is because that these "agents" are not a
part of the government of the United States, but are
instead a bunch of imposters who randomly make up bills o
f "taxes" owed, and then collect them unlawfully and
illegally with no basis in law whatsoever.

This happens all over the country because the people have
not paid any attention to what is really wrong with the
government and especially the IRS. This is a complete
fraud against the men and women of this country. After
seeing these cards, I now realize that the problem has
nothing to do with jurisdiction, courts, definitions,
861, and all the things a lot of us have studied. The
bottom line is that there is no internal revenue law and
that the IRS is committing a massive fraud against the
American people. There just no other way to say this.
The local public officials cover all of this up and there
appears to be no remedy because the IRS is nothing but a
bunch of thugs reminiscent of the brown shirts in Nazi

The purpose of this raid is to ruin the business of Chuck
Uptergrove. He has no trucks in which to do his business
as they were confiscated by the thugs. As Chuck lives so
far from town he cannot easily file court papers and he
is now dependent on others for his existence. His
wife is suffering terribly and she has lost her job due
to IRS liens and levies put on her just because she is
married to Chuck. Businesses all over the country are
being destroyed by this kind of intrusion, that
apparently isn't government at all, but nothing more than
an official looking Mafia hit squad.

I can't stress enough the importance of the repeal of the
internal revenue laws and the use of unauthorized seals.
This should be evidence enough that there isn't any law
in the United
States. The alleged government is practicing anarchy and
the laws of the land are being ignored. If this is
allowed to continue, no man or woman will be safe from
the tyranny and the terrorism from people who are
purported to be the keepers of the peace. The problem is
that the terrorists are the people in government who
stand by and watch their friends and neighbors get robbed
by a bunch of people who masquerade as government and are

I'll have more to say on the seals as more evidence comes
in, but it is sufficient to say that these "agents" are
not a part of the United States government in any way,
shape or form. Attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and
many others in the tax preparation industry are
traitors to their own country and they are traitors to
anything that is right or moral. They help to perpetuate
this fraud and they continually ignore the evidence
presented to them.

If you would like to help Chuck in either financial or
moral support you can write him at:

He needs to replace his trucks and put himself and his
men back to work. Any assistance anyone can give would
be most appreciated. Chuck may get mad at me for doing
this, but he has stood up for the truth for himself and
his children. He has taken a courageous stand for the
truth. You can help put this man back to work so that he
can feed his family and be productive again.

Also, please pass this article around using your mailing
lists. This fraud upon the people needs to end now, not
two years, or five years, but it needs to end now.

Charles Wayne, Uptergrove
c/o 26663 Road 23
Chowchilla, California [93610]
Phone: 559 665-2020 Cell 559 479-0897

No law compels a work eligible man or woman to submit a form W-4 or
W-9(or their equivalent) nor disclose an SSN as a condition of being
hired or keeping one's job. With the exception of an order from a court
of competent jurisdiction, no amounts can be lawfully taken from one's
pay (for taxes, fees or other charges) without the worker's explicit,
knowing, voluntary, written consent. (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C.
Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who
have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for
research and educational purposes.)

Monday, February 09, 2004

Are 17 pages long, however, I have a list of the resources gleaned from them.


If we want to get the message out on a mass scale and educate people and provide avenues for their involvement, then we must find ways of being a part of the movie industry. Why not enlist the aid of such persons as Aaron Russo, who is already in film making and start a company that is dedicated to screenplays about our history, highlighting the concepts of independence and government’s role and what to do when it is not working, or documentaries to the same effect. But also those films should be most specifically about the fraud perpetrated by our government, the IRS and other bureaus. Ruby Ridge should be told. Waco should be told. These could be marketed to the movie theaters, the smaller ones, various groups or organizations, etc. Why not Arron Russo, Mel Gibson and others that may have money, talent, contacts, the interest and they know the business. How would we go about initiating this type of venture?

A Matter of Justice Coalition

Fully Informed Jury Association

Freedom Force

Realty Freedom

Legal Termination Of Tax Withholding
For Companies, Workers And Independent
By Linda Wall From WTP8

Keep and Bear Arms


A Matter of Justice Coalition

Fully Informed Jury Association

Freedom Calendar

Freedom Force

Realty Freedom

Louis Even Institute for Social Justice

Institute for Communication Resources

Reality Force
PO Box 4646
West Lake Village, CA 91359
Associated with Freedom Force
Books, some video and audio

A Matter of Justice Coalition
PO Box 1209
Dahlgren, VA 22448-1209
Phone: 1 -800-567-4930
Fax: 1-540-644-1333
E-mail: matjust@crosslink.net
Website: www.amatterofjustice.org

Fully Informed Jury Association
PO Box 5570
Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 1 800 Tel-Jury

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
241 King Street, Suite 216
Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone (413) 582-0110
Evanston, Illinois
On May 19th, 2003, the Evanston City Council passed a resolution calling for the full repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act by a vote of 6-0 (1 abstention and 2 not present), making it the first town in Illinois to pass such a resolution. The resolution's progress through two subcommittees and the full council was made possible by the efforts of local concerned citizen-activists engaging in grassroots democracy. The Evanston Civil Liberties Coalition and Evanston Neighbors for Peace worked especially hard on this project. Read article in the Pioneer Press and the Daily Northwestern. For more information, contact ccdbr@pobox.com.
Chicago, Illinois
On October 1, 2003, Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S., passed a resolution affirming the rights and liberties of its residents and calling on the delegation representing Chicago in the federal government to work for the repeal of those sections of the Patriot Act which violate rights and liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The resolution passed 37-7. See the Chicagoland Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights website. www.chicagorights.org

Freedom Calendar
704 Edgerton
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 1 651-771-5234
100 calendars for $246 and no cc accepted

Freedom Law School
9582 Buttemere Road
Phelan, CA 92371
Phone: 1-760-868-4271
Website: www.livefreenow.org
Tax Defense Education and Assistance

Freedom Force International
G. Edward Griffin
Po Box 4228
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
Fax: 1 805-497-0685
Website: www.freedom-force.org
This is the one that Fred Smart and June Harrison joined.
Monthly Dues required. Set your own level; but minimum suggested is $20
Awards Program: A financial incentive for bringing in members, funding

Conservatives for Peace
Website: www.conservativesforpeace.com

Realty Freedom
They have information on how to manage money without SSN, IRS, etc.
Website: www.realtyfreedom.com

Louis Even Institute for Social Justice
They have several leaflets for purchase and distribution
And they are looking for a worldwide distribution
PO Box 485
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Phone: 1-888-858-2163
Phone: 1-413-737-3080

Institute for Communication Resources
c/o 60 North Main Street, #102
Ashland, Oregon [97520]
Phone: 1-800- 299-4497
Website: www.ICResource.com
Email: INFO@ICResource.com
Producing pamphlets and newsletters
Goal is to create new paradigm business and finance models
Within the context of freedom, sovereignty and consciousness emerging.
They offer their “Success Education” with this goal in mind
The Liberty Report
Johnny Liberty


Norfed for silver certificates or dollars

Petition for Judicial Misconduct
Vikki Ariatti
Colorado State Coordinator

Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?
Phil Hart

Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith
Basis upon which founders built economics

Rush to Judgment
Mark Lane

Ron Branson

It’s on the GML site wwwgivemeliberty.org
By Linda Wall from WTP

Monday, February 02, 2004

It has been some time now since the Simkanin debacle and I have now only found time to make some comments to it. I have had emails from various people that Simkanin lost due to mistakes that he and his lawyer made. Some of those mistakes were how Simkanin failed to get affidavits from individuals that became important at the trial. Now, how could he know which person or persons would be called and make statements that were taken out of context and therefore became injurious to him. I heard from another gentleman who said that the Arch McColl made an error by putting Bob Schulz on the stand thus distracting the jury from the facts of the case itself and the jury's distractedness could not be blamed on anyone except Bob and Arch.

I am shocked about these comments. To my way of thinking, the judge refused to allow evidence; he refused to allow the jury to review the law itself and he basically told the jury what verdict to bring. There are two elements at fault here alright and it is not Dick Simkanin and it is not Arch McColl. It is Judge McBride for blatantly ignoring the rule of law and dictating a verdict to the jury. And it is the jury's fault for not recognizing that they have the responsibility to determine whether as law is just or being justly applied. The jury should have found Dick Simkanin not guilty as soon as they noticed that the judge was behaving unfairly to the defendant and the defendant's lawyer. The jury should have found Dick Simkanin not guilty as soon as the judge told them what the verdict was to be and finally, they most definitely should have found Dick Simkanin not guilty when Judge McBride refused to allow them to review the law for themselves.

We of "We The People" and of the "Fully Informed Jury Association" certainly have our work cut out for us as the stupidity and ignorance of the American people and their responsibilities to liberty is truly abysmal. When they come to our doors with guns, they will wonder what went wrong and not even begin to understand how their own ignorance has brought this upon themselves and their children. May God be with us all.

Friday, January 02, 2004

I have been made aware of yet another way to ensure that we are prepared for court with the IRS. I received information from Dr. Ward Dean that we can append any correspondence we may have with the IRS to our IMF file by writing to the Area Director stating that we want the material attahced. We can then verify that the material has been attached by requesting an IMF. This is an involved and tedious procedure; but it does put everything that we send to the IRS into the IMF and that material is then admissable into court. However, the procedure reportedly works and is worth the effort.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I just returned from the Legal Research Seminar presented by T.J. Henderson. T.J. was here in Chicago to be on the WBIG Judicial Corruption Week. The entire show was recorded and can be downloaded from

The seminar was attended by 11 persons. A good turnout on a lovely Winter's Day; but we can do better as we begin to disseminate the information necessary to take back our courts of law. The individuals who attended almost all have some experience in beseeching the courts for relief and have found varying levels of success. Fred Smart, our Illinois state coordinator for WTP, was present.

Bill Jaster of was also present. Please attend court on December 30, 2003 at 1:30pm to support Bill in his custody battle for his little boy and little girl. He is a good father and does not deserve to have all parental rights taken from him. He needs our support, so please come out on December 30, LL2 of the Daley Center.

The seminar presented discussed how to make/write a complaint along with much other information. I will be sorting through that information and posting it accordingly.

May the light and love of the God/Goddess be with all of you, until next time. And let there be peace on Earth, especially at this most precious time of the divine birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

An excerpt from Starhawk's reporting of the endangerment of our world due to subjugation by the major corporations of the world. Starhawk can be found by www.starhawk.org

"Issues surrounding the FTAA--the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the extension of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, which covers the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, throughout the Western Hemisphere.

"This small action was part of larger efforts that are building throughout April toward a massive protest at the April 20-22 Summit of the Americas, the meeting in Quebec City where 34 heads of state will ratify the treaty process. A Pagan cluster has been formed for Quebec that will plan an action around the issues of water. And a very witchy women's action is also in the works.

"The FTAA threatens what we hold sacred: the earth, the air, the water, the environment, and the community. Negotiated in secret, with the public prevented from seeing the document while corporations are allowed to buy access, it undermines our most basic democratic institutions. It would allow corporations to sue governments in corporate courts for loss of potential profits if governments pass "non-tariff barriers to trade," which can include environmental laws, worker-safety laws, or health regulations. Under NAFTA, we've already seen a U.S. corporation sue the government of Canada for banning an additive to gasoline that causes brain damage in children. And we've seen a Canadian corporation sue the government of California for $1.2 billion for banning another unsafe additive to gasoline. The FTAA would also open up services such as education, health care, prisons, mail delivery, museums, parks, public transportation, utilities, and water delivery to privatization, removing public accountability and control. And it would throw open the natural resources of the hemisphere to unbridled exploitation.

"For me, the FTAA pushes us toward a world in deep contradiction with my own deep beliefs that nature is sacred, that every human being embodies the Goddess, that democratic government should actually guarantee "liberty and justice for all."